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Daring Darling


Dar(l)ing: four-piece rock band from the Eindhoven area. We have been music friends for decades. Grew up musically in the 80s and 90s. We have often worked together - in different formations - in various projects. In 2019 we decided to really look together for what connects us musically. By listening together, by searching, by experimenting, by failing and getting up again. Without a mapped-out route, but towards a goal: making our ultimate rock sound. We're not there yet. The route has too many beautiful exits and detours. But we are getting closer. Our own work from four hearts and souls. So full of compromises and yet completely uncompromising. Daring and sweet. Daring Darling.

Dar(l)ing: past experience translates into the future. Hints of Royal Blood, Deftones, Tool and the heyday of grunge. And yet we end up somewhere different...


Paul van Dooren

Paul van Dooren
Guitar | Vocals

Hessel Engelsman

Hessel Engelsman
Vocals | Sounds

Mark Kremers

Mark Kremers

John Kunenborg

John Kunenborg


16.07.2022 | tba | Eersel

17.09.2022 | De Fantast (café) | Valkenswaard

(to be confirmed)


16.04.2022 | Theater de Hofnar | Valkenswaard | The Seasons Sessies

05.02.2022 | POPEI | Eindhoven | Winterfest (canceled)

28.02.2021 | Theater De Hofnar | Livestream

30.10.2021 | Fantast (café) | Valkenswaard | Vogelverschrikkerfestival

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